Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hello Third Trimester!

Was it just me people or was Monday morning especially rough?  Between the nasty rain and my longing for coffee (really missing that stuff) it took me forever to get going.  Luckily I stopped by the hubby's work and he just so happened to have a venti white chocolate mocha from Starbucks and I had to have a few sips! 

This is me at 28 weeks which rings in my third and final trimester!  When I say December 9th, it seems so far away.  But when I realize I only 12 more weeks...that seems really close!  My doctors appointment went great and everything is right on track.  Praise the Lord for the wonderful pregnancy I've had so far!

TO ME!!!!

My Birthday was this past Saturday (the 17th) and I had a great celebration of the 6th anniversary of my 21st birthday!  Yeah trying to be discrete there people!  My mother-in-law and I went to the Parade of Homes in Bowling Green and after 5 houses, I was pooped.  Later that night my wonderful husband got a group of friends together to celebrate with us at PF Chang's.  I think Bronx was a little agitated because I laughed so much and so hard my belly was bouncing around all night!  For everyone who was able to make it, thanks for coming and making my birthday so much fun!  For those of you who couldn't make it, I completely understand and I still love you too!  

I've been wanting to buy TOMS shoes for a really long time.  For some reason I have never broke down and invested in them but thanks to my sister-in-law she hooked my up for my birthday!  Mine are the ash canvas and I be loving these shoes!  Super comfy and I've decided I will be investing in some more!

Sorry it's been so long between posts but work has been CRAZY lately so I haven't had a good chance to sit down and update it.

Looking forward to hump day,


Emily said...

I think someone needs to do a blog post about their baby shower.... because I happen to know for sure that you have LOTS of pictures from it! ;)

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